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We are way past the idea that disruption can be a positive thing. When developing technologies in construction begin literally repairing themselves, this is a very good thing! Can you imagine the number of screens cracked on personal devices multiplied many times over in the work setting, especially in the industrial and commercial construction world alone? Now imagine that those screens repair or “heal” themselves. That’s not all. Self-healing concrete has been applied in building and construction for several years now.

Now, begin to imagine clothing, machine parts, circuit boards, and even aircraft wings that can literally heal themselves before your very eyes. Self-healing, technologies are disruptive and will positively impact overall productivity, to say nothing of making our work and our lives safer.


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Who needs Amazon or FedEx to rush the new part overnight or by the close of the business day? Your much-needed device, tool or machine will heal itself in the very near future. Say a piece of flexible circuitry is cut or torn, or a screen is cracked or broken. No down time is necessary because you can move to something else while the repair takes care of itself, returning to that task even while repairs are being completed. Such ingenuity has moved from conception and probability, to become a reality. No need to discard or replace when your tools, devices and machinery will literally repair themselves increasing productivity and improving your bottom line.


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