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Marvin Groves Electric: Skilled and Trustworthy

“Committed to providing skilled labor and competitive prices benefiting the customer through quality and trust.”     – Marvin Groves Electric Company’s Mission Statement.

Nestled parallel to the bustling train tracks in downtown Wichita Falls, Texas, Marvin Groves Electric Company (MGE) employees prepare for another busy day. MGE trucks line the bays to pick up equipment and supplies. Licensed electricians and stellar office staff work diligently on the details of projects.

While passersby may ignore the diligence of this activity, Marvin Groves Electric Company has successfully offered their services for over forty years.  They have offered electrical construction and electrical repairs services for industrial, commercial, medical, federal/governmental and institutional projects.  In addition, MGE has offered services for residential projects in the local and surrounding communities. In more recent years, MGE has primarily specialized in construction for Federal, State, and local governments.  (Review our Capabilities Statement.)

As a result of their amazing work and attention to details, MGE has successfully built their small business into a booming company built on quality and trust.  They have truly committed to providing skilled labor and competitive prices.  As a result, their customers fully benefit from the hard, honest work of the employees of MGE. They provide the best electricians and the best electrical contract service in all of Texoma.

MGE From the Beginning

Marvin Groves Electric Company was founded by Marvin Groves, Sr. in 1974. He crafted his electrical trade skills by working with many other electrical contractors. He also worked as a lineman for the local electrical service provider, Texas Electric Service Co. M. L. Groves’ wealth of experience and knowledge bolstered his startup into a flourishing local electrical contractor company.

Groomed by his father, Marvin Groves II still prides himself in providing skilled up-to-date quality work in electrical estimating, electrical repair, electrical contracting, electrical construction, and commercial electrical wiring. Marvin has served as electrical consultant, electrical design engineer, industrial electrical contractor, and electrical site engineer. He ensures that his capable licensed electricians and master electricians provide the same level of superior quality service.

As a result of our experience, our leadership represents the best of the best. Marvin Groves II is the President and Governor of the National Electrical Contractors of America (NECA) for the Red River Valley. He also serves on the Electrical Advisory Board for the City of Wichita Falls.  In addition to a Paul Harris Fellow for Rotary International, he has maintained over 20 years of Perfect Attendance. He is also a member of the Choctaw Tribe.

MGE Clientele

Marvin Groves Electric Company’s clientele includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Baylor Hospital, Dallas
  • City of Wichita Falls
  • Corps of Engineers
  • Midtown Manor, Wichita Falls
  • Midwestern State University
  • Sheppard Air Force Base
  • Wichita Falls State Hospital
  • Vernon State Hospital
  • VA Hospital, Temple, TX
  • Red River Army Depot, Texarkana, TX
  • VA Hospital, Big Spring, TX
  • Goodfellow, AFB, San Angelo, TX
  • Department of Labor
  • Indian Health Services
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs
  • Bureau of Land Management
  • Cannon AFB
  • Ft. Leonard Wood, MO
  • Little Rock Air Force Base, AR
  • General Services Administration
  • Pantex

In Conclusion

As a result of hard work, determination, and experience, Marvin Groves Electric Company (MGE)  truly commits their skilled labor and competitive prices to every client.  Therefore, MGE is recognized as a trusted, community-based business steadfastly distributing quality and trust with superior dependable service.

Marvin Groves Electric Company provides the best electrical contractor service in all of the Wichita Falls TX and Lawton OK areas. When you need any electrical work done for your home or business, call Marvin Groves Electric Company.  You’ll love the results and be en”light”ened!


Who we are

Marvin Groves Electrical Company provides design and build, diagnosis and repair, and installation and repair services as a Native American-owned electrical contractor. MGE also holds a State of Texas Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) certification, administered by the State of Texas Build and Procurement Commission.

You will find "electrician needed" throughout all phases of your project from the ground up construction, general construction, mechanical, plumbing, and finish. When you need an electrician, contact Marvin Groves Electrical Company. You receive the same superior quality service you have come to depend upon throughout the last forty years.