Why Choose Marvin Groves Electric Company?

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Why Choose Marvin Groves Electric Company?

Marvin Groves Electric Company serves the North Texas area as a bonded electrical contractor company. Whether you need an electrical fuse, electrical outlet, or a new electrical design, we take care of your needs  in the same way we have taken care of our customer’s needs for over forty years.

  • Experienced
  • Dependable
  • Superior Service

Marvin Groves Electric Company facilitates multiple construction projects (specializing in Federal, State, and local government) regardless of the building phase even  as a general contractor. We, therefore,  handle it all from the first to the last step.

Electric Construction Projects

  • Architectural planning and design, including providing input on schematic plans.
  • Working through contracts and bid documents to design the project’s electrical systems.
  • Assisting with energy and lighting concerns, as well as, providing guidance on mechanical plans.
  • Drafting electrical plans showing electrical distribution systems for efficient distribution of power throughout a building.
  • Electrical “load” of a project, including proper sizing and arrangement of transformers, panel boards, circuits, wires, conduits. Providing proper power to various machines, equipment, and activities in the building.
  • Handling the lighting design requirements of the building.  This includes specifying details regarding security monitoring systems, control systems, fire and smoke management systems, and others.
  • Developing electrical specs for contracts and bids.
  • Contracting or subcontracting as the need arises.
  • Obtaining requirement permits for electrical work.
  • Solicit for sub-contractors, if necessary.
  • Completing critical path for a project.
  • Conforming technical specifications through project submissions.
  • Assisting with Built Plans, Partial Completions, Substantial Completion, and Notice of Completions/Certificate of Occupancy, where necessary

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Safety: Paramount with Marvin Groves Electric Company

When it comes to the safety and protection of our employees, subcontractors, and customers, Marvin Groves Electric Company takes safety standards and precautions seriously.

We mirror the National Electrical Contractor Association’s (NECA) guidelines on Safety Programs and Safe Employees. Consequently, we strive to “demonstrate safety, professionalism, and responsibility through every aspect of work and services.  Our services include designing, planning, construction, service work, and implementing operations with a minimum of disruption to customers.1

To emphasize safety, we enforce our commitment to jobsite safety through quality safety training programs. Our project pre-planning and project management, therefore,  have safety program aspects ingrained throughout our work.

Safe work practices are not optional. As a result:

  • All employees, subcontractors, and vendors adhere to our safety program in conjunction with the work site safety program.
  • We routinely audit our safety policies, ensuring compliance to all applicable local, state, and federal requirements.
  • Required attendance at periodic safety protocol training keeps our employees current.

We recognize that by maintaining high standards for Safety we remain the best: the best electrical contractor, the best general contractor, the best commercial electric, the best industrial electric, and the best residential electric.

Marvin Groves Electric Company is an equal opportunity employer.