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ETAcoreThis Core Curriculum program was designed specifically to give additional latitude to the local JATC committee to provide the training which meets the skills need for their customers. The electrical training ALLIANCE has set-up an approval and evaluation process to ensure these programs meet the appropriate curriculum standards and that the apprentice receives the appropriate level of credit for all courses.

All Inside programs are currently working under the electrical training ALLIANCE Core Curriculum Model. This Model requires local JATCs to deliver Core training to all apprentices, and enables local JATCs to select mandatory Advanced training courses for their apprentices that most closely meet the needs of their local electrical market. All JATC Committees should continue discussing what Advanced training classes they want to incorporate into their standard training for apprentices in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Years. The electrical training ALLIANCE also has defined different “tracks” that allow the JATC to use pre-defined Core and Advanced course selections based on a particular market type

The electrical training ALLIANCE reconstituted the Core Curriculum Committee which consists of Training Directors, NECA Chapters and IBEW Representatives, Contractors and Training Partners to evaluate the continuing implementation and needs of topics related to Core Training. This committee meets twice annually to discuss Core Curriculum topics. This group has a goal of identifying all topics that every apprentice should show mastery over when completing apprenticeship.

Source: NECA