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Watch President Trumb speak at NECA Convention

Watch President Trump speak at the NECA Convention. Click to watch the video.

Watch NECA’s Goals for the Year

View . Click to watch NECA’s Goals for 2019 video.

Important Product Safety Bulletin: Eaton Heavy Duty 30A and 60A Safety Switches

Eaton manufactured 30A and 60A heavy duty safety switches which may contain a component non-conformance. The safety switch can potentially supply power when the handle is in the “off” position, subjecting the operator of the switch or any downstream equipment to risk of serious bodily injury or death. View the notice To provide Eaton with […]

If a Robot Slips in Popcorn Butter, Who Picks It Up?

The Same Human Species Who Conquers 5D! NECA’s safety conference was just held, and it’s reasonable to assume that the topic of robots slipping in popcorn butter was not covered under fall protection. No joke, the Amazon Warehouse Robots that have been written about and filmed time and again, literally slipped and fell on popcorn […]

Self-healing Technologies Disrupting Productivity – Positively!

We are way past the idea that disruption can be a positive thing. When developing technologies in construction begin literally repairing themselves, this is a very good thing! Can you imagine the number of screens cracked on personal devices multiplied many times over in the work setting, especially in the industrial and commercial construction world […]